Knoll Engineering was founded on May 1st 1988 by Franz Knoll, a Graduate in Lightweight Design and Mechanical Engineering. As the Company base, a communal office for Engineers; Technicians and Technical Draughtsmen at Waltersbühl 20, in Wangen (Allgäu) was selected. The main emphasis of the work was concentrated on automation-technology, with CNC-assisted mini robots (sorting, moving and positioning).

In 1992 we moved our office to Langen Gasse 19, in the old city of Wangen, where our Contractors, in accordance with the latest requirements and guidelines of DIN ISO which offered our customers the reliability, competence and quality expected from a modern Development Office. We produce and strength/weight-optimise prototype aircraft-approved parts.

Due to the continual growth from purely Service Operations into a Product Development business, and the consequent enlargement of our employment spectrum, on 01.01.2000 Knoll Engineering became Knoll Engineering Ltd. The Company headquarters was moved from Wangen to Kisslegg-Waltershofen, into newly-built premises, where we are engaged mainly on projects for the Aerospace Industry.

Today, we are a Company committed to Customer Relations, flexibility and creativity. We use the most modern computer -aided techniques for our Designs and Reports. We indicate solutions to your technical problem areas and provide you with a detailed costing.

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